Month: October 2014

A distillation of Frankincense Frereana

Apothecary's Garden

Frankincense Frereana-Freshly distilled Essential Oil in Separatory funnelFrankincense Frereana-Freshly distilledEssential Oil in Separatory funnel. Henry R. Mossbeard supervises in the background.

As mentioned in earlier posts, Frankincense Frereana is a rare type of Frankincense in the west. Both the resin and good quality essential oil are difficult to find and much more expensive than other Frankincense types. Despite these drawbacks, or perhaps because of them, it is well worth experiencing this very special Frankincense at least once.

Fresh co-op harvested Frankincense Frereana- from Somaliland-" Maydi or Yemenite Chewing Gum" Fresh co-op harvested Frankincense Frereana- from Somaliland-” Maydi or Yemenite Chewing Gum”

Boswellia Frereana is native to the mountainous regions of Somaliland, the Somali Puntland and to a lesser degree westward through Kenya. Though it has been transplanted to Yemen and possibly Oman over the generations, it is not indigenous there, nor can it supply local demand. Most of the Frankincense Frereana essential oil that is sold as Arabian is purchased in Somaliland and Somalia and distilled in countries…

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