The many benefits of Frankincense tea

Apothecary's Garden

A tea made with Frankincense resin is an ancient and widely accepted remedy in many cultures and traditional medical systems for a broad range of ailments. Some of these traditional uses have been researched recently to confirm or dismiss the therapeutic claims behind them, and I am surprised to see that many of the claims associated with Frankincense tea seem to be substantiated in the laboratory. I have listed a few here, but trust you to do your own research as well.

Our recent obsession with Frankincense essential oil and Boswellic acids, (which are not found in the essential oil of Frankincense), can easily blind us to the plethora of therapeutic compounds found in the whole oleo gum resin and is no doubt increasing the pressure we are putting on trees that are already over-harvested and over-burdened with our market demand for Frankincense essential oil.

The following gem is borrowed from a wise scientist…

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